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    |sp’ö:ke| noun. 

  1. ghost, spook, spirit

The flowing white fabric frightened by-passers, they believe it to be a ghost.

Spöke is derived from the Swedish word for spook or spirit. Using this interpretation, the design of this light fixture embodies a similar ghostly atmosphere. 

Spöke redefines the rigid material properties of acrylic through the exploration of organic, hand shaped forms. Acrylic has been molded to mimic the properties of a fabric material.

The light effect created provides a subtle, focused glow with a ghostly atmosphere.

The concept of spöke is a modular light fixture with an infinite amount of possibilities.
pendant lamp or table lamp
single layer or double layer
single colour or double colour
transparent or opaque ....
infinite possibilities

In Collaboration With: Diane Rodrigues

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