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A B O U T   M E

P O O J A   P A T E L


Hi! Welcome to my personal portfolio. 

Currently, I am a student at Ryerson's School of Interior Design entering into my final year in the program. 

As a designer/ artist, I strive to continuously grow and build my skill-set in a variety of different mediums. Fabrication has grown to become one of my strongest passions. I enjoy the process of working hand-on and adjusting the little details until they are perfected.


My personal goals as an interior designer are to create spaces centered around human experiences. Through creative spatial planning and strong concept ideas, my hope is to generate unique designs that become memorable for occupants. Practicing to be an environmentally conscious designer is also my personal aim because I believe it is an essential skill in our present society.   


My future goal is to pursue a career that allows me keep learning and have a very hand-on approach to design.  

Thank You! Message Sent.

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